Myths & Facts

Does waxing sting? Fact: (click on link to each fact)wax

Myth: Different products or methods of epilation (removing the hair from the surface of the skin) is less painful than waxing. Fact:

Myth: Removing hair makes more hair grow back, or makes it thicker and darker. Fact:

Myth: Waxing causes wrinkles. Fact:

Myth: You were "burned by wax that was too hot". Fact:

Myth: Anyone can perform waxing services. Fact:

Myth: You can have "celebrity" eyebrows. Fact:

Does waxing sting?

Fact: Waxing stings. Yes it does. Anyone who has ever used tweezers to pull out one little hair is aware of that. It is the nerves in the skin that signal the pain in the brain! Removing one hair stings, so remove many at a time will too. Done properly, the sting is minimized so it is not much mroe than tweezing.

Myth: Different products or methods of epilation (removing the hair from the surface of the skin) is less painful than waxing.

Fact: It is not the wax being removed that hurts. Always remember, the sting is caused by the hair being pulled out! This is what you want, right? If it doesn't sting, it isn't pulling out the hair. Any product or method of removing hair that says "it hurts less than waxing" is lying to you.

Myth: Removing hair makes more hair grow back, or makes it thicker and darker.

Fact: Wrong! Oh so wrong! This seems to be the worst and most pervasive myth of all. You alraedy have all the hair you will ever have. The color and the texture are determined by your genes. Removing hair with wax cannot change that. The amount of hair that grows back after waxing can be changed, but only for the better! Less hair will grow back, not more! As hair grows, it leaves behind cells to regenerate. When you repeatedly (yes, repeatedly) pull hair, you can lucky and catch them when they haven't left any cells behind to regenerate new hairs. Repeating the process regularly is the key to seeing the best results. The more waxing, the more hair will be gone forever. Look at it this way: if waxing made more hair grow, and it was thicker and darker, you would see a lot of men waxing their heads!

Myth: Waxing causes wrinkles.

Fact: This is just another lie told by those in the laser and threading hair removal businesses to scare women away from waxing and use their services instead. Properly performed by Miss Humphreys, there is no such thing as "pulling the skin" which "causes wrinkles"! When I zip that strip of wax off, the skin is ALWAYS firmly held taut. It's not only effective, but involves no pulling or stretching.

Myth: You were "burned by wax that was too hot".

Fact: Have you ever had your skin burned by something hot? Then you know what that feels like. The pain is terrible and your reaction instananeous. The skin on your face that is red, shiny and sore after a bad waxing episode is not a burn from wax that was too hot. If your face was burned, you would know it the instant the "hot" wax was applied. You would react immediately, not later after the appointment was over! What can happen is not a burn, it is wax removing a second layer of skin. This can happen because of a problem with your skin, or the service provider is unskilled or simply made a mistake. (Mistakes do happen).

One issue with the skin can be the result of scrubbing the area or using a product to exfolioate the skin close to the time you get waxed. Do not do this, especially on the areas of the skin that are thinner, the face (especially under the brows) and where the skin creases, such as the underarms and the bikini line. Because the skin is thinner, it is more sensitive in these areas. Another major problem on the face is sensitivity caused by products. In the past, it was only prescription products that were strong enough to cause the skin to be too sensitive for waxing. Unfortunately, we now have over the counter cosmetic products that are causing problems because they contain irritants and acids that are too strong to be used with waxing. I won't list the names of any suspect products here. What happens to cause what I call a "sensitive spot" is that the top protective layer of skin is removed by any of the means listed above, then waxed. The wax can strip away another layer of skin. This is what leaves behind that glossy red area of new delicate skin. At the most I would apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to protect the skin. No other products should be applied, especially near the eyes! Afterwards, during the next couple of days the redness will subside and the skin heals itself.

The other cause of "sensitive spots" is because the service provider accidently did something wrong. The most typical is that they overlapped the wax onto a spot they already waxed. Ouch! (Yes I have done this to myself, another reason not to wax at home). Wax should never be reapplied in the facial areas. Apparently there are those who do not or will not take the time to tweeze a few hairs that did not come out with the wax, so they wax it again. Do not ever let anyone do this to you. Slap their hand away if you must! They will strip off your skin. Often a few hairs remain after waxing, and careful tweezing is needed to remove them.

Myth: Anyone can perform waxing services.

Fact: Okay, anyone can wax you, but can they do it well? A Dermatologist is a Doctor, but would you want one to perform brain surgery on you? Do any of the manicurists in your nail salon have a separate waxing license posted on the wall? Everyone performing services in a licensed salon is required to have their licenses posted in plain view. Manicure / pedicure licenses do not include waxing services. A separate license is required. I recommend you take a moment to check for licenses before you have any services performed. Hair stylists are licensed to perform any and all salon services. With the down turn in the economy, it seems so many stylists have heated up a can of wax. I can well understand the need for added income, but I don't think it is the best choice for your eyebrows. Many of us may try to expand our services, but in the end we all perform best within our own specialities. That is the best choice for everyone.

Myth: You can have "celebrity" eyebrows.

Fact: No, you can't. You can have your brows nicely shaped and well groomed. Shaping eyebrows is the most difficult service. It is the only area where the main concern is with what you leave behind. Your eyebrows are what they are and can only be changed within their own parameters. I promise to listen to you and work hard to shape them exactly as as I am able, within these parameters.