A Word About Waxing


A Word About Waxing Children

Young ladies seem to become interested in their appearance around the ages of 12 to 13 years. If your daughter should express a desire to have her brows shaped, that is precisely the time to bring her to me. Heaven forbid she picks up tweezers and tries it herself! I am very conservative with young ladies and will remove the least amount of hair possible. This way I can satisfy her desire for glamour, while showing her how good naturally shaped brows should look. Please note that anyone, of any age, coming in for a waxing appointment must want to be waxed. I will never allow anyone to be coerced into waxing. At Miss Humphreys, the person on the table makes the rules.

A Word About "Movie" Waxing

No drama at Miss Humphreys. No one has ever had cause to scream or shout here. I always make new clients aware that they can tell me to stop at any time and that I will charge them only for what I have done. I am pleased to report that I have been asked to stop only 4 times in 28 years. I well understand that waxing is not for everyone. You have to want to get waxed!

A Word About "Brazilian" Bikini Waxing

I will not perform Brazillian Bikini Waxing because the procedure has an unacceptable risk of infection. Read more, if you need convincing.

A Word About a New Risk That We Both Must "Face"

If you are using any product for acne or wrinkles you must tell me, preferably when you call to make your appointment! There are steps we both can take to ensure the safety of your skin. Read more about mixing these skin treatments with waxing.

A Word About How NOT to Prepare for Waxing

Do not "EXFOLIATE" your skin before waxing. Do not scrub with any thing or any product. This is not only unnecessary it is DANGEROUS to do before waxing!