Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to frequently asked questions about waxing.

Waxing FAQs

Is one wax better than another?

For all of you looking for “natural”, “sugar” or “edible” wax, my pine resin wax is natural. Just in case, don’t come in for your appointment hungry.
I know many of you have been led to believe that different waxes are better for various reasons. All I can say is I have tried other waxes on myself and others and from that experience, don’t find this is true.

Does waxing hurt?

Yes. Waxing “stings” is what we like to say. Yes it does sting. Anyone who has ever used tweezers to pull out one little hair is aware of that. It is the nerves in the skin that signal the pain in the brain. Waxing properly, as it is done by Miss Humphreys, the sting is minimal.

Waxing hair removal makes more hair grow back and it is thicker and darker.

NO! NO! NO!! STUPID LIES! This is a physical impossibility. Your DNA has already determined the amount of hair you will ever have and it’s color and texture. Waxing cannot alter your DNA! (If you want to make thicker more coarse hair use one of those new hair shavers!)

Does waxing cause wrinkles?

No. More stupid lies told by laser and threading businesses to scare you so you use their service instead of waxing. Waxing hair removal on your face, done properly by Miss Humphreys, does not “pull” the skin. I know to hold your skin taut so it does not pull.

Your waxed skin is red, shiny and sore. Did the waxer “burn you skin with wax that was too hot?

No. If you were actually burned you would scream because hot is hot and it really hurts. This sore skin was caused by the was removing a second layer of skin. This can happen several reasons. One is because there was an issue with your skin being too sensitive.

This could be because you “exfoliated” your skin too recently or used an acid product that already burned off a layer of skin. This is why I tell clients to make me aware of any scrubs or anti-aging products they are using. Another problem is that your waxer somehow waxed an area a second time. This can be from a lack of knowledge or simply a mistake. Mistakes do happen even to the best of us.

Anyone can perform waxing hair removal.

Sure they can, but would you want “anyone” to wax your eyebrows? No. Neither would I. You wouldn’t want a foot doctor performing your brain surgery, right? Proper training is vital. A licensed cosmetologist is allowed to wax but did they get any specific training? Everyone likes to make extra money but you don’t want someone to “wing it” with your precious eyebrows. Nail techs are licensed to do nails only, not waxing. Waxing is a separate license. You should always check licenses! NYS law states licenses must be displayed in plain view.

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