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Syracuse Waxing Services

Throw the razor away. You will love the difference waxing hair removal makes!
No scratchy stubble!

No red bumps and irritation from sensitivity or allergy to nickel razor blades! Smooth, clear skin for weeks instead of hours!

Body Waxing Pricing

Underarms (15 minutes) $19
Arms Lower 3/4 (20 minutes) $38
Arms Full (30 minutes) $48
Hands (10 minutes) $11

Abdomen (15 minutes) $10 – $30

Bikini (15 – 45 minutes) $32 – $55

Legs* 1/2 (30 – 60 minutes) $47 – $69
Legs* Full (40 – 60 minutes) $62 – $85

*includes bikini

Face Waxing Pricing

Individual Face Wax Areas

Eyebrows – $16
Upper Lip – $11
Chin – $11
Sides – $11
Neck – $11
Full Face – $45

Face Wax Areas Combined with Eyebrows

Note that a discount is given when additional areas are combined with eyebrow waxing.

One added area – $26
Two added areas – $33
Three added areas – $39
Full face added – $55

Face Wax Areas Combined without Eyebrows

Any two areas – $21
Any three areas – $30
Full face wax – $45

Men’s Waxing Pricing

Back (30 – 45 minutes) $55
Chest (30 – 45 minutes) $55

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to know that waxing will show off your hard work at the gym to best advantage.

Miss Humphreys’ facilities include a private office; not a salon crowded with women.

I do limit men’s waxing to the eyebrows, chest and back. I am aware that there are some intrepid fellows out there that want what I call “below the belt” waxing, but you will have to look elsewhere.

Appointment Do’s and Don’t’s

Aside from being a Waxing Specialist, I am also an Esthetician, (Skincare Specialist). Before any waxing, I need to be informed about your skincare routine including any prescription products you are using.


Tell me everything! What method and products you use to cleanse your skin.

    • Do you exfoliate your skin?
    • What do you use and how do you use it?
    • When did you do it / use it last?
    • Do your use any products over the counter or prescription for “anti-aging or acne?
    • Any “acid” products for any of these reasons?

Do Not

Use any of of these products or methods close to your waxing appointment! These products and means of scrubbing (exfoliation) methods often make the skin too sensitive for waxing. The top layers of the skin can tear, causing redness, scabbing, and possible scarring.

How long does an appointment take?

Single areas take approximately fifteen minutes.
Adding any area adds from five more minutes for one addition to fifteen minutes for two or more.

Please let me stress again: Obvious skin issues are easy to see. It is the unnoticeable that can be a problem.

If I am made aware of any product or method used that makes your skin more sensitive to waxing, I can take some simple measures to ensure greater safety for your delicate skin!

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