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Miss Humphreys: The Best Eyebrow Waxing in Syracuse

Your face. Is there anything more important? It is you. All the hair styles and colors, all the clothes, nails, shoes, handbags and other stuff cannot out do or override your face. Your face is you, the face your show to the world and everyone in it.

Research has proved that your eyebrows are the most expressive aspect, the most important area of your face. Your eyebrows express all of your innermost feelings and emotions. It has also proved that we are most easily identified by our eyebrows! That should convince anyone how important it is to entrust their eyebrows to Miss Humphreys, the waxing specialist.

Beautifully sculpted eyebrows to accent your face. Neat and clean. Properly arched. This is what you achieve with waxing.

Cosmetics can help but they are the finishing touch.
First you need the basics.

Eyebrow Waxing Pricing

Eyebrow price $16. The 1st time and every time.

Miss Humphreys, The Waxing Hair Removal Specialist knows eyebrows.

I will take all the time necessary to perfectly sculpt your brows the first time and every time. I do not require any special measuring devices to tell me how to do my job.You will talk, I will listen, then I wax your eyebrows. Together we will make you look your best!

Eyebrow Waxing: What to Expect

First, we have to talk. Face to face.

After so many years experience I know each and every face is different. Each person has different needs and wants. I will listen to you. I want your input to guide me. I would never ignore what you say and do whatever I want. This is your face and I swear I will respect that. You tell me how you feel and what you want to achieve with your eyebrows, and I will honestly and sincerely show you, and explain to you what I can and will do. No surprises at Miss Humphreys.

I will have to have your honest answers to questions about your skincare routine. Facial skin is so sensitive that many products can make it too sensitive or overworked to tolerate waxing.

Check the FAQs page for further information. Remember… No surprises at Miss Humphreys, for you or for me.

The actual process of your brow wax:

I will prep your skin if needed. I remove makeup and/or any perspiration or oils that may be present. I will do this gently with a very mild astringent.

The warm wax is applied in the direction of the hair growth with a clean wood applicator that is designed to allow maximum control over the amount of, and placement of the wax. The cotton cloth strip is pressed down on the wax in the same direction.

I carefully hold your skin taut and zip the strip, wax and hair off in the opposite direction. I continue these actions on each area you want me to wax. I usually prefer to finish right there. I do not believe in applying any products to the skin.

I can use the very mild astringent, for cooling the skin, if you like, but unlike many, I will not apply any oils or gels that I believe can irritate and cause unnecessary breakouts.

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